Charge me up, Scotty

We need to dump our 240v electrical stuff and get used to Brazil’s 110v supply. So we can forget taking the TVs with us. Of course, you can buy step-up transformers to plug your 240v stuff into (£4.99 on e-bay – I think I’ll take a few with me), but unless I’m stoopider than I think, this means we’ll be using at least twice the energy to power everything (even assuming everything will work OK). So we need to start thinking of stuff we want to take, as opposed to stuff we want to buy over there. I think we’ll add a decent kettle to the list (Naice just reminded me that Brazilians don’t go into electric kettles in a big way – it’s all gas). And there must be other stuff too. I think I’ll go and start another list. In fact maybe what we need is a master list so that all the lists we have can be properly indexed…

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