Guess I’ve misunderestimated the flight times

Our idea of driving 1400 miles down to Lisbon and hopping over to Brazil on the short flight to Salvador has been scuppered! The times they publish for the flight are local times, meaning it looks like it’s just a 4-hour dash, whereas* it’s actually an 8 hour slog. Couple this with the fact that the shortest internal flight from Salvador to Manaus is 9 HOURS (at least without changing planes). Unfortunately the flight just crawls up the Brazilian coast, stopping at just about anything that looks remotely like an airfield. I did it once before, when I was young and knew no better, but now? Ha – I don’t think so. The flight times from Heathrow would be 10 hours to Sao Paulo, then 5 hours to Manaus. To do about 70% of the distance (Lisbon – Salvador – Manaus) is going to take 17. Bad joke.

*I know this is nothing to do with Brazil, but I’ve been reading a lot of US posts recently, and I’ve noticed that a lot of Americans seem to think that the word “whereas” means “although”. You know, like “Whereas I can’t grasp the general principles of English, I don’t care.” Obviously the President’s illegibility is catching on.

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