It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been keeping myself busy at work while trying not to worry too much about the move.

We now have Ozzie all sorted out, and we’ve booked the tickets through to Sao Paulo. We’ve also rented a house to stay in during May. So it all looks like this now:

20th April: finish work
26th April: ship goods
30th April: move out of house
May: stay in rented accomodation
1st June: ferry to Scunthorpe to stay with friends
7th June: drive Ozzie down to Heathrow to leave him in kennels
11th June: drive down to Heathrow for flights
12th June: arrive Sao Paulo, stay at hotel
13th June: Ozzie flies to Sao Paulo
14th June: pick up Ozzie from Guarulhos airport
16th June: fly to Manaus

We’ve been spending considerable effort sorting out how to transfer our money without having to pay tax on it again at the Braziloian side, but it looks like we’ve cracked this.

In the meantime, in trying to get as fit as possible for our new life, I’ve had a few problems (see Hopefully things are progresssing on this now.

I’ve also sold our first household item – actually got rid of it, that is – our kitchen table. Now we have a staging area for all the other stuff that’s got to go. Happy days.

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