I am unemployed

Following an evening out at the Cafe Vaudeville and the Northern Whig with colleagues I know I will soon be missing, and now that the hangover has finally cleared, here I am watching the start of the 2007 London Marathon on a Sunday, knowing that I won’t ever be going into work again. I’m finding this somewhat unnerving, but I suppose I’ll get used to it in due course.

The roll of honour for Friday was as follows:

Stephen Baker, Deborah Burrows, Simon Burrows, Paul Campbell, Joanne Caughey, George Crawford, Sinead Dillon, Alison Gibson, Betty Grant, Sarah Jackson, Kirstie McAllister, Jennifer McDowell, Sarah McAndrews, Stuart McAtee, Hilary McVitty, Peter Ruddell, Millar Selfridge, Angela Woods.

And they’re all quite mad of course.

I will be sure to put the leaving prezzies to good use at Maguire’s Irish Bar and Cultural Centre. For those who didn’t see what will probably be the centrepiece, here’s a photo (I’ve cropped out the frame). Naice hasn’t stopped laughing at it since I got it home.

There were lots of other goodies too, and all very much appreciated. I hope everyone will come over to Brazil to see them in their new home.

Thanks for everything guys!

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