We’re out.

We have now moved out of our house and are in rented accommodation for a month (less than that now, as I write). The move went reasonably smoothly, once we had completed boxing up or wrapping the various bits and pieces we couldn’t get rid of before the appointed day (30th April). In the process of disposing of stuff, we were impressed to discover to what extent we have become a disposal society: essentially, if something’s not new, people don’t want it. The items that went to the local tip were amazing (a 3 year old suite, for example?), when neither the auction nor the charity shops were prepared to take them. One piece we just couldn’t bring ourselves to dump, and decided to take with us (although what we’re going to do with sunbed, I don’t know – ha ha).

We finally ended up with 141 boxes and other items, which we duly had to load into our 12 foot container (after storing them in the garage a week, courtesy of our very understanding purchasers). This significant task was completed with the help of good friend Rabea, and able assistance from some of the purchasers’ family members, dear help them. Ozzie took it all in his stride of course, as usual. The whole lot was tied down with some newly-learnt knots (see earlier piece), and I have no doubt it will be secure for the 6 week voyage…

We are now relaxing in our temporary home, and concentrating on getting rid of the two cars, as well as sorting out our paperwork and preparing for the Mull of Kintyre half marathon.
Only 5 weeks to the day now. In fact I think I’ll start counting down from here. So this is B-day minus 35. Anyone want to buy a BMW….?

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