I am so glad the weather has turned miserable again, as it clearly vindicates our decision to resign from our jobs, sell our house, and throw all our furniture on the tip. Moving to the rainforest, in this context, must be viewed as the icing on the cake.

I also find myself freed from the tyranny of the tie, with promises of salvation by the shorts. This is undoubtedly a good thing, and I am already eagerly listing all the things I will be able to do as a result. I’m up to item number two so far, so it’s going well I think.

Meanwhile Ozzie steadfastly continues to behave as if everything is normal, although this may change next Tuesday when we accompany him to the grooming parlour to learn how he likes to be clipped. Even with our earnest good intentions, I fancy he will find out what it feels like to walk around looking like a disappointed pig.

Our decimated agglomeration of personal effects begins its journey tomorrow, 18th May, when the container ship departs Belfast on its way to Le Havre. We will be closely following its progress on the internet.

Finally, our money is languishing in an HSBC current account while we try to organise getting it to Brazil. Meanwhile the Brazilian Real continues to strengthen, while the pound suffers gentle subsidence. The longer term prognosis for the Real is pretty good; that for the pound, less so. While we’re hoping for some unexpectedly good news on the British economy, the chances are small, so I think we just need to get the transfer done as quickly as possible. Timing – the essence of all good exchange deals. Arf.

25 days to go.

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