It’s your round

The farewell get-together for drinkies happened as planned at the Cutter’s Wharf in Belfast on Wednesday 30th. It was great to see everybody again before leaving, and we really appreciated the company!

Thanks to everyone for a great night – here are some photos from the evening, and if anyone has any others that they’d like posted, please send them to me at I’ll add them as I get them. Click (or double-click) on the images to enlarge them.

The hardcore drinkers who remained took part in the pub quiz which kicked off at 10:00pm, and whilst the highlight of the night was just seeing everybody again, I have to mention that we won the quiz by 2 points, after some fine cheating principally by Peter, Lee, and Sarah. Well done. I’m still convinced there’s a biblical character called Tarantulus. And if there isn’t, there should be. The prize was a bottle of Vodka, which Sarah swopped for wine, and which Stuart made disappear.

Naice’s lasting memory will probably be Sarah shouting “los-er” at the guy trying his best to win the £350 “open the box” event (it’s a long story), and she now refers to Sarah as “Mad Sarah”, an accolade she probably richly deserves (in the nicest possible sense).

Thank you all – you’re wonderful and we’ll miss you. If anyone hasn’t sent me their e-mail address, please do so and I’ll keep you up to date. After some discussion, and based on my Cousin Anton’s original idea, it looks like the official opening of Maguire’s Floating Irish Bar and Cultural Centre will be 17th March 2008, so I hope you’ll all be able to come. We can provide the food, drink and accomodation if you can get yourself on a plane.

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3 Responses to It’s your round

  1. tcm says:

    Thanks Sarah and Sarah. Good luck to yous too!!


  2. Sarah Jackson says:

    Hi Clive, good to see you and Naice before you left. All the best for your plans in Brazil. Looking forward to hearing your ups and downs (hopefully not many!) in the creation of Maguire’s Floating Bar. Take care.


  3. Mad Sarah says:

    “Mad Sarah” here. I couldn’t let this entry go without comment so just letting you know, in case you hadn’t noticed, that this was an absolutely splendid night out and I had a super time!! Thanks must go out to my mum and dad who, whilst trying to get off to sleep at their home, patiently listened to me shouting questions such as “where do beavers live?” down the phone at them at 11:00pm. They also correctly identified the world’s largest spider (with a biblical name) as the Goliath spider, which Clive, is indeed from the tarantula family! Anyway, all the best to you, Naice and Clive, and I wish you great success and happiness for your ventures in Brazil xx
    PS – If you are ever having a tough day when the painting is getting you down or the soda bread just won’t rise, just think back on the beautiful scenery of Northern Ireland and maybe you will smile – Alternatively, just remember that we are all probably sitting here in the freezing cold, drizzly rain and grey skies and that should definitely raise your spirits!!


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