Call for a Botanist, please

Naice spotted this thing on one of the palms today (pic – click on image to enlarge). I have absolutely no idea what it is, and neither have any of the locals I’ve spoken to. It was about two – three inches long. Anyone…?
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2 Responses to Call for a Botanist, please

  1. tcm says:

    I am stunned. Finally I can get those few hours of sleep I have been needing so badly! Thanks Sarah (it reminds me of your prowess at the Pub Quiz)!

    …only now I’ll have to kill it, as it’s obviously eating our trees!


  2. Mad Sarah says:

    Greetings Mr Attenborough – I believe the insect pictured here is in fact a Pterodictya reticulata more commonly known as a wax tailed planthopper. If you want to be sure however, I suggest you have a closer look and see if you can see traces of wax on the forewings or if your little friend is a lady, see if you can catch a glimpse of her anal tube which should also be covered in wax. You have no idea how many insects bottoms I have had to look at on google to find this information out for you!!! But … if it helps you sleep easier at night then obviously it’s well worth it.


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