Still raining, then…

I’m back in Ireland for a few weeks (until 4th October). I’m gratified to note that the weather is much as it was when I left, and that people still don’t understand the meaning of two lanes on a dual carriageway, and still drive all the way from Belfast to Bangor in the outside lane because they’re turning right down the Rathgael Road.

The journey here was, as usual, extremely tedious – made doubly so by an 8 hour wait at Sao Paulo airport. The journey time from Manaus to SP has been cut again, and is now under 4 hours, while the flight to London is nearly 11 hours. BMI charged me £158 to get me back to Belfast, which wasn’t very nice of them, especially as there were spare seats around. On the way back I’m going via East Midlands so I can see friends Dawn and Garry, and then flying from Humberside to Amsterdam KLM, Amsterdam to Curacao KLM and Curacao to Manaus TAF. Although I’ve screwed things up a bit and have to stay in Curacao a few days, the cost of the trip is around £650, which is at least £150 less than going via Sao Paulo. And the flights are shorter – hooray!

I can’t update you on the river levels in the Amazon I’m afraid (I know, I know – I’m sorry, okay?), as I can’t re-find the site I was using. But you can be sure it’s gone down a lot by now.

Naice is at home in Manaus, and has been saddled with coping with the builders who are in re-constructing our driveway and putting in a new gate and a chapeu de palha (pic). I feel very guilty about this, but the trip was necessary, I feel. Naice is hoping to be back in Ireland herself early next year.
I have not by any means been good at getting in touch with everyone so far. This is simply because I’m a disorganised git and I hope you will forgive me. I’m concentrating my inadequate organisational skills on my aunt for the moment, and will rectify any communications problems next week – please bear with me.
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2 Responses to Still raining, then…

  1. tcm says:

    OK. Now I feel a bit better. Looking forward to seeing it all in due course Florzinha. xxx.


  2. Naice says:

    Hi there! Don’t feel guilt for not being here in Manaus helping me with the biulders. They’re slowly getting things done and I need to say is looking good!
    Chapeu de palha is on standing by but construction will be back on track next 01/10. I’m not sending you any pics because I want to keep you wondering..


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