It’s Sunday – it must be Scunthorpe

After being escorted to Belfast International airport in style by Victoria and Mike (I think they just wanted to make sure I got on the flight!), I was off to “the mainland” again. The flight to East Midlands was remarkable only in so far as we took off and arrived early, and I had a bank of 3 seats to myself, with extra legroom from sitting next to the emergency exit. Bliss. Dawn was there to pick me up and drive me the 80 miles back to Sunny Scunny, which I have to say is above and beyond the call of duty (although no doubt I’ll never hear the end of it…). The weather (aargh – I’m talking about the weather) has been magnificent, Garry and Dawn’s hospitality faultless as always, and in spite of missing those I’ve left behind (again), I’ve enjoyed my weekend very much. In fact after discovering Ice Cold Tetley’s best bitter at the local pub, I did briefly consider just staying here forever, but once I sobered up I realised I’d miss Naice and Ozzie too much – so farewell Mr Tetley (well, let’s just say au revoir, shall we?)

Tomorrow I will be last-minute-shopping for some socks and marmite, and buying some dollars ready for the off early on Tuesday morning.
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