Meet Kelly

On the way back from a recent boat trip, Naice and I encountered an abandoned pup at the marina. As you can see from the pic., she now has a home and an older brother. Her name is Kelly (it had to be, really…), and she’s around 8 weeks old. Although her lineage is pretty obscure, we like to think there’s some Alsatian in there somewhere.

Christmas was relatively uneventful. During the course of the week we had a nice day at Naice’s parents, an enjoyable meal with the Cavadini family, an excellent boat trip on new year’s eve (pics), and a great new year’s day lunch with some of the da Silva clan (last pic).

Next week we will be gearing up for a year of fitness and increased earnings (just like half the rest of the planet, no doubt).

Happy New Year everyone!

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