Baby you can drive my car…

Local government here has proudly announced that it will be using a new, improved type of asphalt on the roads in Manaus. I laughed so hard Naice had to pick me up off the floor. As a stupid announcement this ranks alongside the stunning news from federal government that in future politicans may have to justify their expenses
PRINCE2 (Manaus) project work packages for roadmaking:
1. Scrape loose vegetation off surface.
2. Drive something heavy over surface.
3. Scatter mixture of (new, improved) asphalt over surface.
4. Drive something heavy over surface
(5. Cheaper alternative to 4 – pat down surface with shovels).
Strict quality control demands that the final depth of the asphalt should not exceed 3/4 inch, otherwise unwanted side effects may be experienced (like reduced profits).
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