Front page news this week

Viagra consumption amongst young men (25-32) in Manaus is on the increase. The use of such stimulants is not controlled in Brazil, so anyone can buy them, which may be part of the problem don’t you think? Anyway, apparently the latest thing is a product called Vivanza, which alledgedly lasts for 12 hours and can be taken with alcohol. I see in the newspaper that in the photograph they have of the product, the boxes are clearly labelled “Amostra Gratis”, or “Free Sample”. Hmm. No doubt someone is making a bob or two on these. Well, boys will be boys I suppose – making money, having (lots of) sex etc…

…but perhaps if they could just rest up for a while they might have time to look at the filthy state they’re making of Manaus. Apparently Manaus spent R$4m last year on cleaning 2.8m tons of cr*p out of the city’s streams and rivers – everything from fridges to dead dogs, and no doubt empty viagra boxes and used prophylactics. To the outsider, it is no doubt depressing that there is no apparent sense of responsibility amongst the majority here with respect to litter and hygiene. And of course the local government is right to complain about it. But then the lack of education, lack of infrastructure, lack of money, lack of opportunity and lack of healthcare probably don’t help the situation, and who is it that provides this…?
A local politician and his wife have been charged with 8 counts of, amongst other things, operating a gang, corruption, fraud, contrabanding and money laundering. I can’t see what all the fuss is about, given the propensity of the majority of Brazil’s finest for, um, the opportunistic diversion of such goods, cash and services as may be required for the maintenance of a pleasant lifestyle – but it seems at the moment that the problem is this pair have been put in a clink along with common criminals. Shock horror – that really is front page news, isn’t it…
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  1. Kirstie says:

    Clive, just remember your age….


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