"We’re busy doing nothing, working the whole day through…"

All is tranquil at the Guesthouse. We have no guests until 16th August, so we have a kind of summer holiday on our hands. As usual on one’s summer holiday (unless one can afford to go somewhere), what else is there to do but paint and decorate? We are planning a boat trip to the town of Novo Airao on Friday, and we have a barbecue for some of Naice’s friends on Sunday, but other than that it’s the maintenance season. I have already started wiring a light in the downstairs loo, and have finally managed to get the swimming pool looking good again after a looong battle with it; and next week the roller is coming out and I’ll be starting with the floor paint outside. Joy. On top of this, our gardener is on holiday until the end of August, so I’m cutting the grass myself, and we also have a few other tasks to get organised, like getting some rendering done round the back of the house and fixing the guttering where the rain’s coming in in the wet season. Okay, so maybe it’s not that tranquil at the guesthouse, after all…
For a bonus point, from which film are the lyrics in the title taken?
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4 Responses to "We’re busy doing nothing, working the whole day through…"

  1. tcm says:

    Is that an offer or an answer…?


  2. Anonymous says:

    How about a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court?


  3. tcm says:

    No, much sillier than Twain…


  4. Kirstie says:

    Not really up on my Mark Twain quotes but guessing Huck Finn….


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