A global welcome

I have been remiss in welcoming new visitors from around the globe, so to those of you who have reached us from or via (not in any order):
India, Norway, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Botswana, The Lebanon, Bangladesh, Thailand, The Philippines, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Barbados, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, or Bolivia…
…thanks for stopping by!
I’ve added a link to the guesthouse website now, under “Some Links”, for those who were asking recently. And if anyone has any other site(s) or blog(s) they think should be added, please let me know.
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2 Responses to A global welcome

  1. tcm says:

    I’m sorry, where…?


  2. GY says:

    Don’t see Bottesford on your list !!!!!!!!!!


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