Comments? What comments?

Can anyone actually see the Recent Comments..?
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6 Responses to Comments? What comments?

  1. tcm says:

    GY, you leave me feeling enormously gratified at our decision to abandon ship. On the other hand, Anon, you may be right about prices here – but the effects may well be damped by our hugely popular corruption and inefficiency buffer.


  2. tcm says:

    So, now you see them, now you don’t. Anyone else having this trouble? And my eyes, as you well know Kirstie, are perfect…


  3. Kirstie says:

    Sorry Clive the recent comments are now gone…..


  4. Kirstie says:

    Yes I can see the recent comments…how’s your eyes these days…?


  5. Anonymous says:

    If only you had invested in every oil/gas company going, those pounds would be worth zillions by now. Its a global downturn so no doubtthe cost of your bananas and papayas must be going through the roof. Ozzie will just have to live on piranha.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Spend more ? HUH. Gas UP 34% Electric UP 29% Inflation UP.House prices DOWN.Short time working,strike next week.Cold. Wet.(in fact very wet) No summer.Nights pulling in.Bet you wish you never mentioned anything now.GY.


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