The adoption police are coming

We are to receive the adoption police on Monday at 10:30. One assumes they will want to interrogate us with respect to our income, our bank balance, and our jobs, as well as to see how well prepared we might be to look after additional small persons. It is always tempting to question the justice of this when there are so many unwanted babies born here to single mothers with no visible means of support (does anyone remember that ad.?), but I have to admit it is for the most part very sensible stuff, so we will grin and bear it. At least (one hopes), they will not be asking questions like “what was your first sexual experience?”, which is one of the questions the British system poses to prospective adopters, along with a system of investigation which sometimes seems as logical, sensitive, unbiased – and expensive – as the Inquisition.
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2 Responses to The adoption police are coming

  1. tcm says:

    Um, yes, it is, Betty – but we are still able to afford the ‘lecky and telephone – amd sometimes they actually work! Anyway, I had no idea you lot were still reading the blog! Now that I know, I’ll do my best to improve the frequency of updates and try to keep you all in good spirits. Speaking of which, are you still off Vodka and nicotine…?


  2. Betty says:

    Is the credit crunch affecting you? Are you unable to afford the electricity to update your blog? We in Dundonald need our fix on the Maguire family. How else are we to get through the cold, dark, wet and windy winter days? So come on Clive, give us some of your sunshine.
    p.s. Hope the Adoption Police went well


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