Amazon Pub Quiz

I’ve decided to try to organise a pub quiz here for all the ex-pats (and anyone interested in practising their English). I have a number of candidate bars, and all I need is to drum up enough support to get the thing off the ground. I also hope to persuade a nice kind band to play on the night for free-or-very-little. I also need to come up with some pub quiz questions and a sort of plan as to how it’s going to be done etc. Since my knowledge of pub quizzes is limited to those attended at the SEELB, I will have to draw on this to come up with a model. If anyone has any (sensible) suggestions, or knows of any online resource(s), please let me know!
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3 Responses to Amazon Pub Quiz

  1. tcm says:

    Ha ha. We don’t worry about the odd tYop here. Thanks for the tip, and am off to pubquizhelp to have a look.


  2. Anonymous says:

    spot the typo in my last submission – tut tut.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Clive, me oul matie – any amount of googling will bring up pub quiz help sites including one called pubquizhelp (funnily enough). Or if you’ve nowt better to do theirs a great quiz programme called Eggheads on BBC2 every night. If your in bed – set the VCR to record.
    Will email you soon – Pete


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