Fishing III

We took the opportunity to escape across the river for a night on Saturday. There wasn’t much happening in the way of fish, but it was very pleasant nonetheless. We took Ozzie with us, and left Kelly with the run of the garden. On the other side of the river we met up with friend Charlie (in battlecruiser Sammy III), and Paulo, Robson and Joao (in the more traditional IV Neto).

The fish steadfastly refused to appear, but the food and drink flowed and a good time was had by all. The only problem with taking Ozzie is that he does need to piddle, so it’s off to find a suitable place twice a day (at least). Fortunately, since it’s low water now (regular readers will know that the end of October is low water), there are vast stretches of beach everywhere, so he was very happy.

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