Allow me to introduce Toto (to be more precise, Totô), the newest member of the household. Having been abandoned by our erstwhile neighbours when they moved to another part of Manaus, Toto sat patiently on a heap of sand outside their house for days on end. Taking pity, Naice decided to give him some food…and the rest is history. I am still fighting a rearguard action and won’t allow him inside our gate, but as you can see he now has his own house (painted and weatherproofed by yours truly), gets fed twice a day and likes to take his walk with Ozzie every morning and evening.
So what do you say – should I admit defeat and let him in, or should he stay outside in his own house? I think I’ll add a poll to the blog (if I can figure out how to do it), and count the votes after a couple of weeks…
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3 Responses to Toto

  1. tcm says:

    Thanks Garry and GingerV. Too late – the little bugger’s lying on the doorstep at the moment!


  2. GingerV says:

    you can compromise and let him in the gate, take him to a vet and if comes back healthy then consider the next move


  3. Garry Yule says:

    Definately let him IN.


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