Another Jolly

Naice and I went on another jolly in the Shamrock a couple of weeks ago (pics), and enjoyed a night or two away, sleeping in the boat in the middle of nowhere. There’s nothing quite like it. On our way back, we visited a small island on one of the lakes near Naice’s brother’s house, and have discovered that it (along with a plot of land 1km x 1.3km) is for sale, at R$50,000 (currently about £16k). We are now investigating the possibility of buying it and building our own lodge on it. You know there may be a few things wrong about Brazil, but on the other hand where else could you buy your own island for the price of a hatchback, with views like those in the pics? Anyway, if anyone has £5k – £10k kicking around that they don’t need for a few years, let me know… Incidentally, the pagelayout editing on Blogger is K R A P, and the photos will be all over the place, I know. If anyone can recommend a better home for the blog, let me know.

The pic below shows us collecting ice from the nearest “ice station” (no – not Zebra – you’re showing your age, whoever thought of that). It may not look it, but the system is brilliantly simple and functional. There is also a mechanism for payment involving a clever system of ropes and pulleys. All this for only R$3 for 5 kilos.

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One Response to Another Jolly

  1. Mark Trigg says:

    I can see how it would all work now!


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