Happy birthday to Naice…

It’s Naice’s birthday today. And guess what – she’s 21 (again). Happy birthday Naice!
It’s also the birthday of our friends Zaira and Fanny (also both turning 21, of course…) Happy birthday to you too!
What a lot of birthdays on 11th February…and my sister Victoria celebrates her 21st tomorrow. So birthday greetings in advance to her too!
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2 Responses to Happy birthday to Naice…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Garry and Dawn, I hope you have had a great night out last Saturday and had a very cold Guinness in celebration of my 21st. I really hope we can get together soon as I really enjoy your company. By the way, what about the cat that you were taking care of? Ah! Garry, Oz said he misses going for a walk with you.
    Love, Naice


  2. Anonymous says:

    Many Happy Returns Naice.We are thinking about you (both) Hope you have a good day and Clive has got you something nice. We will go out Sat and have a couple of beers for you.(Tetley extra cold!!!)

    Love Garry/Dawn.


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