All Change

Amazonas Theatre

Amazonas Theatre

Welcome to Random Walk II, following a migration to WordPress. Assuming this works out okay (and I can align photos easily etc)., the next step will be to implement Wp on my own website. I’ve stuck a photo in here of Manaus’  famous Teatro Amazonas, or Amazonas Theatre (or even Amazonas/Manaus Opera House). This is just for test purposes, but if anyone wants to know more about it, I’ll post something up on it later. 

One of the consequences of this move is that posting a comment may be slightly harder, depending on various settings  – I’d appreciate someone having a go at this and giving me some feedback.

Finally, in lieu of the delayed update to “Amazon Excursion Part I” (I’ll get it done soon, honest…),  I’d like to point you to Mark’s brilliant short video here. I’d put it up on WordPress, but it would mean a paid upgrade (free on Blogger, I notice), so it’s not going to happen.  If you can’t view it on YouTube, I may be able to send it by e-mail or post it up somewhere else for you to download (around 20mb), Mark permitting – let me know. With many thanks to Mark – who has clearly missed his vocation in life – for this. (Incidentally, you really need to have the soundtrack on for the best effect). No doubt the Film Director would appreciate some feedback on this, by the way, either via the blog or on Youtube.

That’s all for now. All feedback on the new blog gratefully received, and I will try to add the various widgets back and spruce things up a bit when I’ve had more time to play around with WordPress functionality.

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4 Responses to All Change

  1. Garry says:

    Looks good to me Clive, hope you are all well.Garry


  2. tcm says:

    Many thanks for the feedback Betty. All is well here – hope it is likewise at your end.


  3. Betty says:


    It was very easy to post the comment – and as you well know I am not very technical.

    Long live the maguiresblog!


  4. Betty says:

    Hello Clive

    Hope you and family are all doing well.


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