I’m Back

Well, so much has happened since I stopped blogging a year ago(!), that I can’t possibly remember it all and post it up in sequence with photos etc, so instead I’m going to just ignore it all and start afresh. However, below is a list of stuff that might pique your interest, and if it does, let me know – if there’s enough interest, I’ll dredge it all up for you. And if anything else comes to me that’s especially relevant I’ll add it as I go. The current position is that we’re still here in the Amazon and we are reasonably well. We’re also incredibly busy, and things are about to get a whole lot busier over the next year. I’ll see if I can post at least once a month, if not more often, and keep you up to date with life in Manaus.

Events I remember…

Golfing in the middle of the Amazon
Publication of Maguire’s guide to Manaus 2010
The snake plague
How to lose all your money buying an apartment in Brazil
Publication of Rio Negro Nautical Maps
Hosting & helping Ed “Walking the Amazon” Stafford
Getting giardia – and what it is and why you don’t want it
New bridge in progress across the Rio Negro in Manaus

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2 Responses to I’m Back

  1. tcm says:

    Hi Kirstie. Thanks for your comments and watch this space…


  2. Kirstie says:

    Hey Clive, want to hear about it all, esp snakes (eek), apartment crisis (o no) and your parasite (vomit), and of course your guide (what an achievement). Glad you are ‘back’ and hope to hear from you soon x


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