Brazil Centre Stage?

I see on BBC World that Brazil is now being considered a fast-developing world power. Nice of them to notice. Usually all we hear about is Asia, the Middle East, Asia, Asia, Asia, Africa, Asia, Asia…you get the picture. Not that I’ve anything against Asia, but come on BBC – Brazil’s a fair size you know. I assume it’s a commercial decision – more English-speakers in Asia means more commercial possibilities etc.

Anyway, in spite of the grudging few minutes they give the place in their “special reports” (special because they’re so short and superficial), they’ve yet to mention Manaus, and we’ll be interested to see how long it takes them to provide some coverage of us up here. Presumably once the current world cup is over the focus will shift as the Beeb realises there’s more mileage in Brazil, with 2014 and 2016 coming up soon. MANAUS IS A 2014 WORLD CUP HOST CITY, YOU KNOW. I suppose our hopes of a Northern Ireland/Brazil final in Manaus are a bit off the money, but even so. And any of you thinking of staying with us in June 2014 should book now and be prepared to pay a minimum of US$500 a night in a shared room of at least 50 (cheap at twice the price, we reckon).

But I digress… It will be interesting to see Africa being dropped by the BBC like a hot brick after July this year and Brazil – maybe even the whole of South America, who knows? – slowly gaining ground against Asia and the Middle East in the news stakes. Stories about corruption, drugs, inequality, economic success, great Brazilian companies (Vale do Rio Doce, Embraer, for example), deforestation, advances in bio-fuel technology, agricultural power, political power-broking in a significant economic/political bloc – all of which have so far clearly been un-newsworthy (unless occurring in Asia, for example), will miraculously take centre stage. Or am I being too cynical..?

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