Let´s hear it for Ed and Cho…

That´s a hell of a walk, mate...

Never mind what we´re up to here, please have a look at Ed Stafford´s blog and please post some encouraging words for these guys.

We were able to help Ed on his way through Manaus some months ago, and now he and his companion Cho are nearly at the end of their epic journey walking the length of the Amazon.  They´re obviously hopelessly insane, but they´re really nice guys and since this last bit could be a real challenge I figure they need some hand-clapping at this stage to help them through the last 500km.

Having been able to help them a little logistically between Careiro do Castanho, 100km south of Manaus, across the Amazon and on their way to Rio Preto da Eva, 80km East of Manaus, I can tell you that these guys are not your average media-savvy, rich-kid, pseudo-explorers with a cast of thousands to help them on their way. They have genuinely walked the whole damned route, excepting the inevitable river crossings, which they have done either by wading or by using their tiny little individual inflatables – and they have no support team at all, other than some great guys who have aranged to get them re-stocked with gear at one -maybe two -points along the way (Pete Casey deserves a mention in this context). They have humped the whole lot with them all they way.

Not a stroll in the park - really.

Mad, but brilliant. And they´ll do it, too. But please lend them your support for this final stage – a few words of encouragement will go a long way!

I hope to be able to travel to Belem to meet up with them when they arrive (scheduled for August), but the finances are looking a little, um, challenging, at present. Fingers crossed, anyway – we really enjoyed their company and would love to be there to provide a beer or three for them when they arrive…

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