It´s (not) a dog´s life.


That´s To-TOE, to you...

…Well, at least if you´re a mutt living next to a forest full of ticks, vampire bats, snakes, scorpions, toads, poisonous frogs, poisonous plants and various other species of flora and fauna that FIGHT BACK.  Toto has just recovered from pneumonia (5 days at the doggy hospital with only a 50/50 chance of pulling through), and now Naice has had to rush Kelly (pictured “in confinement”, a year ago) off to the vet to see why she suddenly can´t breathe (breathing is good).

kelly up the duff

We suspect she´s eaten something which has stung her in the throat, but it could be a scorpion sting, a toad, a poisonous plant, a snake etc etc.

I´m sitting here babysitting and awaiting the return – hopefully of both Naice and Kelly. Just thought you´d like to know.

Ozzie, in the meantime, just gets a little slower and a little fatter (which at least keeps him out of the forest), but otherwise continues as always – blissfully unaware of the circumstances he finds himself in. He´s 9 years nold now, which makes him, in doggy terms, 63 – even older than me, incredible though it may seem. Bless him.

So, fingers crossed for Kelly then, please. Full report in due course.

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2 Responses to It´s (not) a dog´s life.

  1. Sarah Jackson says:

    Hope Doggies are all well!


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