Chillies of the Amazon

It has taken three years, but I finally have a crop of Fish-eye chillies. I also have Malagueta chillies and Murupi chillies. Finally I can put together a really decent chilli mix to season my rice and beans with…

Olho de peixe (fish-eye chilli)

Olho de peixe (fish-eye chilli)

For those interested, here´s how they do it here:

Take an old bottle, any size you like (although a small mineral water bottle is good). Pick (or buy) your chillies, wash and add to the bottle whole.

Then add:

  • some white vinegar
  • some olive oil
  • a little salt
  • some crushed garlic
  • a good sprinkling of crushed black pepper
  • pimenta malagueta

    pimenta malagueta

    Top up with water, shake well and wait for as long as you like. If you like it hotter, you can of course add more chillies, but the key to the heat seems to be the quantity of oil, which presumably draws out the spice. It also matures with time, so wait at least a week before tasting.

    pimenta malagueta

    pimenta murupi

    I haven´t given quantities, because it´s a matter of taste, and by the time you´ve made it up, tried it, added to it etc it’s a moveable feast anyway (ha ha).

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