Walking the Amazon

This will probably be my last plug on the blog for Ed & Cho, who will complete their journey on 9th August at 06:30 local time (10:30 BST), as I travel to Belem on Sunday 8th at 04:00 to meet up with them for the final 10k to Maruda beach. I have volunteered to act as bouncer for them with respect to the considerable number of media crews scheduled to be there, so that should be, um, interesting. I also have to pick up two bottles of bubbly for the grand finale.

Today, the guys start from Arapari (-1.575551° -48.528428°) by paddling across the tidal estuary to Belem, and on Monday they will finish at Maruda Beach (-0.583968° -47.652236°). Although they are now out of the jungle, the straightline distance between these two points is still 145km, which leaves them to cover a minimum of 50km a day hard walking in the tropical heat.

They are joined from Belem by Pete Casey and Keith Ducatel (sponsor and photographer respectively), and all being well will hole-up in Maruda Sunday night to get a couple of hours kip before the last 10k. The interviews start at 02:00 on Monday and the final walk begins at 04:30. There should be reports/articles/features going out on Monday around the world to your favourite TV station(s) – all brilliantly organised by Vikki Rimmer in the UK (unless yours truly screws it all up on the day – eek :))

Ed has been raising money for several excellent charities en route, and everyone is encouraged to give – even a small amount – to one, some or all of them. Details here on their website. PLEASE TAKE 10 mins out of your busy life to make a donation. You can also support the lads by posting something to their blog – always welcomed by Ed and Cho, their families and friends, and all the volunteers who help. Thank you!

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