Our Lady of the Victories

Just an addendum to the last post before I catch my flight.

Everyone who knows anything about Belem has told me that, well, basically if you go there you’ll be robbed, knifed, taken hostage, shot or be otherwise seriously inconvenienced by bandits.

This gave everyone some concerns with respect to Ed and Cho’s onward march through the city and the state. But it seems that every year at Marapanim (about 30km south of Ed and Cho’s finishing point, and a town they must pass through), there is a 15 day festival in honour of Nossa Senhora das Vitórias. The locals have found out about Ed and Cho and believe that the fact that they will arrive in Marapanim at the same time as the start of the festival is, well, like, “spooky” to say the least. So Ed & Cho are going to be ambushed by 1,000s of happy citizens, who want to offer them a formal dance before they enter through the portals of the town. It may be bizarre, but you do start to wonder – anyway, at the very least it’s a nice omen and behind it there is some real goodwill. I can travel knowing that -spookily or otherwise – Ed and Cho are in good hands and without a shadow of doubt will complete their journey safely. Hooray to that.

More when I return, with photos (yes, I WILL remember to take the camera and I WILL remember to use it.

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