Week ending 20.08.10

Have decided to add a summary post each week to the blog, with rough details of what´s been happening here. Hope it meets with your approval.

Summary. Another week gone by. A major step closer to getting all Aaron’s paperwork sorted out – more on that when we get everything through. A nice boat trip up the Rio Negro with two guests. The conditions were superb  (actually somewhat weird –  see photo).  Not much in the way of wildlife, but we did see pink dolphin and some squirrel monkeys (not particularly easy to find, so I was pleased with the result). Gave a seminar to the Military on use of GPS – not paid terribly well, but enjoyable to be giving forth centre stage again (it´s been a while, and my ego appreciated it). Nice guys too.  More guests including a delightful couple – Frank and Laurie – who have gone off to Mamiraua nature reserve to boost their bird-watching tally and will be back with us next Friday.

Praia Grande, Anavilhanas, Rio Negro

Cho arrived safely with us from Marudá, and we were able to share a few beers on consecutive nights before he disappeared off to Peru to see his family for the first time in two and a half years. Cho is a gem, and I hope we will see him again in the future. He´s spending two months in Peru before flying to the UK to stay with Ed. Gas station receipts have gone through the roof the past week or so, which is nice but brings its own problems in terms of stocking and admin (nice problem to have though – no complaints from us!). Finally received the first two copies of my Guide book, courtesy of Mike Downing (thanks Mike) – now just got to see how best to market it here. Discovery of aggressive venomous snake downstairs near our bedroom – not quite sure what to do about this yet, as it seems to have taken up residence nearby. Now just relaxing before a good sleep (up this morning at 03.00hrs to get people to the airport).

Highlights Aaron, Cho, Frank and Laurie, good sales, nice boat trip.

Lowlights – none really, just knackered all week!

Outlook – boat service, installation of new pump and new prop in boat (Mike will appreciate this), resolution of outstanding issues at the Gas station, 3 day fishing trip 4th September, meetings to try to sell my maps and the Guidebook.

Overall thought for the week – life ain’t so bad. (Oh – and don’t forget you can now subscribe to the blog – see widget to your right).

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4 Responses to Week ending 20.08.10

  1. Sarah Jackson says:

    Do you have any photos of the snake?


  2. Mad Sarah ;-) says:

    Clive, I am soooo delighted Aaron has started chatting! I know you’ve been looking forward to it 😀 Have you introduced him to Mary Poppins yet? Supercallifragilisticexpealidocious is a great word to get him started on. Molly is 4 and continues to leave me in stitches at her take on vocabulary – she was talking about “Chumming Goo” the other day, took a while for me to work out that she meant Chewing Gum, think I prefer Chumming Goo tbh 🙂


    • tcm says:

      Thanks Sarah. I vote for chumming goo too. It’s not just 4 year olds mind you – over the years my big sister has come out with shite woos, littlewogs cattlebook and milktopple bots (or maybe that last one was me). Anyway I’ll be happy when he says “Ah, good evening dear father, here are all my earnings for the day.”


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