Week ending 27.08.10

Summary. Disaster struck this week, when the car broke down and had to be towed to Renault. Total repair bill R$8500. Money available to meet repair bill R$0. Result, we are now down to our little run-around bike between the two of us. We had to hire a car for two days to meet the needs of guests, but now we’re on our own for a month, so that takes the pressure off a wee bit. Solution is, we think, to just buy a small car on finance. We’re working on it.

Continuing problems with the garage, but sales are okay. Updated the maguirenet website and added to the visitmanaus forum – other than that, haven’t had much time to do anything much on guidebook or map sales.

Have come up with the germ of an idea for a novel. Needs further reflection.

Nice short boat trip to the rubber museum, but during the trip realised that one or both boat batteries are getting a bit run down, so had to get a new spare battery for next trip. Also managed to get all the parts for the boat service next week on Tuesday. Still short of a hole borer to fit the pump warning alarm, but hopefully will get this Monday. Depth sounder, which hasn’t been working since last low water, now repaired – much needed as river levels going down faster now.

Rubber Museum at high water, Rio Tarumã Mirim, Amazonas

Translated 3 documents on “in vitro comparison of NiTi rotary instruments and stainless steel hand instruments in root canal preparations.” Made my teeth sore just reading them.

Aaron’s vocabulary now includes ‘cheese’, ‘cocô’ [Portuguese for poo], ‘peepee’, ‘tree’, ‘pooh’ and possibly ‘thank-you’, although it’s difficult to tell with the last one. Have been working on ‘antidisestablishmentarian’, but no joy so far…

Highlights – Aaron

Lowlights – car

Outlook – sorting out car. Boat service Tuesday; new pump and new prop Thursday; prep for fishing trip.  Acquisition of laminator to laminate maps. Deliberation on potential novel (and just when exactly would I have time to write it??)

Overall thought for the week – sometimes life seems like just a series of problems (okay, call them opportunities if you will) to be overcome (grasped).

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6 Responses to Week ending 27.08.10

  1. pete says:

    A garage owner without a car?


  2. Greg says:

    Clive, sounds like a bummer of a week with the car. I wish that I had another weeklong trip down to Manaus to see how Aaron is developing. He should be the highlight for many weeks to come.

    Best Regards, Greg.


    • tcm says:

      Hi Greg – yep – going to be a struggle for a while, but hey, eis a vida. Still thinking of that beer of yours – and will continue to do so until I get a taste. Aaron keeps us going – in many ways!


  3. Kirstie says:

    About time you got a novel written….still have the beginings of your first one which I hope some day will be worth a mint!


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