Players accused of deliberately bowling no balls.

So much for the old hyphen then, BBC, and goodbye English grammar.

Moving swiftly on, this is in place of the weekly round-up as I will be on the river by tomorrow a.m. and won’t be able to post again until next week.

First of all I see that the Peruvian Amazon is experiencing its lowest levels in 40 years (, so it will be interesting to see how that affects us here in Manaus in due course. Glad I’ve got the depth-sounder (there’s that hyphen) fixed. The impact here will obviously be mitigated to some extent by the rainfall over the 1000+ miles of  rainforest between us and Iquitos, as well as by levels on the Rio Negro coming down to us from Columbia, but it could nonetheless be indicative of extremely low levels here in November/December. Ironic, if so, following the 29.77m high of 2009.

I acquired the laminator this week, which stretched our budget somewhat – so I hope I can make it pay for itself. The machine is, as anticipated, a testament to the effects of a closed economy and consequent lack of competition. Nuff said. I’ve laminated 6 sets of maps and am due to do my door-to-door selling of same next week at the various marinas and marine stores.

Is it a Polo, perhaps?

No progress on the car front, although we´ve had a quick look at various options, the least worst of which seems to be the Novo Gol 1.6. It’ll be fine until we’re rich enough to by something better for the roads here (like a tank, perhaps). It seems we can buy one at a 15% discount if we buy through our company rather than as private citizens. Not quite sure how (or why) this works, but there you go – the only downside is that you have to wait up to 2 months as the car is ‘built to your specifications’. Ha – right. (Do people really believe this crap?)

I’ve been delayed on the fitting of the boat pump, but am off to do it now. All other stuff ready for the off tomorrow, except for alcohol and petrol: the former for human consumption; the latter, um, not. For those interested, our destination is approximately here:  3° 27.360’S  60° 57.192’W.

No further words from Aaron this week, and he has a cold at the moment, so everything comes out sounding the same anyway. Bless him.

The latest offerings from Google Alerts on “Amazon, Manaus”  include far far too many on the doings of missionaries – all of whom I rather hoped had been disposed of by head-hunters years ago. If I get just one more of these, it will surely be cause for a RANT.

Thanks for all the comments on the recent posts – they’re much appreciated.  See you next week, with tall tales etc…

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