Week ending 26.09.10

Summary. A quiet week, thankfully. The car is back on the road, but without aircon (not good when it’s registering 45 degrees in town) and with a broken engine mounting. Sales slightly down on this time last month, but we had a lovely group staying with us from the UK and Australia – Peter, Alex, Kim and Kerry. Lots of fun and a pleasure to look after. Had a visit from our sloth, kept the pool clean and spent our spare time trying to teach Aaron new words, without much success.

At this point I must come clean about being a bad dad (or at least an idiot). In trying to teach Aaron Yes and No, I got a bit carried away and decided to help him along by placing my hand on his head and getting him to nod. Now of course, when he wants to say yes, he just puts his hand on his head. Ah well…

Biggest news was the fishing trip up the Negro, during which I caught my first decent fish – a 6lb tucunare. I only took one photo this trip, and guess what it was..? Friend Charlie’s take was quite respectable too, so we can consider it a success overall, although I must admit I drank too much (I say it’s Martin McVitty’s fault – happy birthday Martin…) and have resolved to leave the booze at home next time. Ha.

"My first Tucunare"

The week has begun with increased conversation about the Brazilian elections – (obligatory) voting on Sunday next. This is a biggy, with the Presidency, Federal and State seats for all 26 states. President Squid is out (Lula = Squid in English – a bit like having the surname Trout, I suppose), and we have another boatload of candidates – some out-and-out thieves, and others more respectable – to consider. Lula did a reasonably good job of building on the foundations laid by the man I consider to have been the greatest Brazilian statesman so far – Fernando Henrique Cardoso (aka FHC), so let’s hope the next incumbent doesn’t drop the ball in this respect. More on this next week perhaps. The only sour aspect to it all is that some stupid court or other decided to ban political spoofs in the run-up to the election. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Highlights. Fishing. Getting the car back. The fact that there were no lowlights.

Lowlights. See highlights.

Outlook. Que sera sera.

Thought for the week. There are old fishermen and there are drunk fishermen, but there are no old, drunk fishermen…

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