Just back online after the worst storm to hit us since we arrived 3 years ago. Winds of 85kph play havoc with infrastructure built for normal extremes (can you have normal extremes?) of 5kph, so we lost all electricity for 24 hours. Roof blew off the gas station, 3 trees down in the garden, glass all over the place and the pool looks like a village duck pond without the ducks. The worst thing was coping with Aaron with no technological input, and realising how appallingly dependent we are on things like Postman Pat/Shaun the Sheep DVDs, aircon, baby intercoms, lighting, fridges, microwaves etc. Anyway, as I speak Pat is dealing with Ted and his robot while Aaron gazes on contentedly and I extract his tea from the fridge and stick it in the microwave while blogging and adjusting the aircon in the artifical light!

Ozzie had a bad scare during the storm (it was scary for all of us), and was so unwell this morning we had to take him to the vet, who has diagnosed all sorts of nasty things. He’s on a drip at the moment and we’ve to go and see how t’old lad is doing in half an hour. On that note, must go and get organised. Blog again over the next couple of days.

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2 Responses to Blecaut!

  1. pete casey says:

    Mother nature seems to let us mere mortals know who is realy in control now and then, and serves as a reminder as you say about how dependent we are on technology.
    Hope you get back on track and Aaron gets to see Postman pat again!…Bob the builder is cool to he may like that!!
    Cheers all
    Pete Casey


    • tcm says:

      Thanks Pete. Yes Bob the Builder would be good (although I prefer Shaun the Sheep) – bring us some DVDs next time you come to see us!! 😉


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