Week ending 31st October

I’ve been spoiling you with too many pictures, so tonight we’re not having any.  The week has been dominated by the search for accounting software that’s cheap (i.e. free),  and the configuration of same. So now we have something workable, and my opening journal is almost ready to post – just waiting for the relevant information needed on 31st October. How appalling. I mean, did we come thousands of miles to live half way up the Amazon to worry about accounting? Well, um, apparently we did – yes.  But never mind, there are some pros outweighing the cons…

Today I was sculling in the pool (as one does), at 16.30 with Aaron, looking out over what’s left of the rainforest and hovering between the part of the pool that’s shaded and the part that’s not, listening to the birds and cicadas, and Aaron suddenly pointed up excitedly and muttered something unintelligible (nothing new there, then),  I looked up to see a couple of toucans flying over us. We do get quite a few toucan in the garden, but they’re (appropriately enough) your garden variety – Cuvier’s Toucan I think – quite small and pretty but unimpressive. But these were the real macaw (or toucan, if you prefer) – the big ones with bills longer than their body, that look like they should be balancing 3 pints of Guinness on them. .. Anyway, I thought how good it was to be here and all that nonsense. Aaron thought it was pretty cool, too.

Naice and I managed to escape for a few hours and disappear on the new bike to have lunch. We survived with only minor loss of sensation to our nether regions, and had a nice lunch and an opportunity to recharge the batteries. It was nice. And it was Naice. We also went down to the river to see the effects of the spectacularly low levels, and took Aaron. He was fascinated (scared at first) with the sand, and so we inevitably spent longer on the beach than we had intended. The sun was low, the beach was fine, the company was good, and what else do you need?

I was really pleased to get confirmation from old friend Rabea Garari that news of his death had been greatly exaggerated,  and now have renewed hopes he will eventually visit us. It was also good to see some white smoke from members of the IFS team, who I still miss greatly.

Ozzie seems to be getting over his ailment(s), whatever it/they may be:  he`s lost weight, but in a good way, so hopefully he’ll be around for a good while. Kelly is getting bigger and presumably will offload several bundles of joy on us in the next few weeks and promptly abandon them as before – we’re working hard to find homes for pups as quickly as we can. Toto couldn’t give a rat’s arse, predictably.

We haven’t found our missing money, but we have enough to get by, so we’ll sort it out in due course.  In any case,  since in the 3 years we’ve been here we’ve already had around R$50k stolen and have been defrauded out of R$120k (hey, this is Brazil!), there’s not really much more (money) for anyone to have a go at!!

So all in all, it’s been a great week! I think I’ll have another beer to celebrate and then fall into my pit – elections tomorrow, so a busy day and no alcohol allowed to be sold (oo-er). Life is good (the alternative is worse)…

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4 Responses to Week ending 31st October

  1. Millar says:

    You haven’t heard of him?? Starred in many a television drama in UK, Soldier,Soldier, Wire in the Blood etc and chart topping singer with Robson and Jerome doing Unchained Melody in mid 90’s(maybe not quite your taste). Old age must be playing with your memory lol.


    • tcm says:

      Hmm – only thing I recognise there is “Unchained Melody”. I’ve only the vaguest recollection of 90s UK – I either wasn´t there or was drunk and missed it!


  2. Millar says:

    Clive probably wrong site to send this to but just something you may wish to consider for guidebook and site. Programme on Channel 5 other night called Extreme Fishing where Robson Green went fishing the Amazon for some of your big and weird fish. He went in via Manaus and was at the fish market there etc before going fishing various locations. Maybe market for a few sales, section on site who knows. (We’re Not Brazil We’re Northern Ireland. Hope the flag is still flying lol)


    • tcm says:

      Nice one Millar. Hadn’t heard of him before (Robson Green sounds like the name of a park), but have followed up on it and I think I can develop something. Thanks for the thought!


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