Christmas Blog

Christmas on the Rio Negro

With our third Christmas and our fourth year here fast approaching, I thought I should write something festive, but I just can’t get into the mood. For me, Christmas is snow and ice, warm bars, works parties, holidays and family arguments around a half-cooked turkey etc.  Eighty degree heat and tropical rain just doesn’t cut the mustard I’m afraid. Anyway, let me try.

First of all, to those among you who think Christmas is a happy, magical time, may I wish you the happiest, most magical Christmas ever. To those who assign a spiritual meaning  to the period, may this Christmas warm your soul and refresh your spirit to the utmost.  And to those who find Christmas an over-rated,  commercially-driven drudge, may you at least get some decent presents and have a good piss-up.

That’s probably it for this year from me, as I have so little time available now for the personal blog – but I will be back in 2011 and I hope to have lots to blog about. In the meantime, have a good one, and may your god go with you.


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2 Responses to Christmas Blog

  1. Maninmanaus says:

    Many thanks Sarah. Aaron will be happy with a dip in the pool this year – he’ll have to wait a while for my – er, his – Playstation, train set, Scalectrix, radio controlled helicopter etc. Have a great time yourself and very best wishes for 2011!


  2. mcandrewss says:

    Merry Christmas to you, Naice and Aaron 🙂 Just to update you on the water levels here, it is very difficult to tell as everywhere is frozen! Temperature has dropped to -20 in Belfast tonight and lower in rural areas. Still at least it gives a very Christmassy feel to the place, can’t imagine Christmas in a tropical climate. Anyway, Season’s Greetings to you all and I hope Papai Noel is good to Aaron 😉 xx


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