‘Ere – what are you lookin at?


Do I look as if I'm bovvered...?

A stroll in the park today was interrupted by a surly looking 2m-long iguana.  Quite harmless (it says here), but he made it clear he wasn’t happy with our company, and stood his ground. Who are we to argue?

It has been a busy week with one thing and another and New Year’s Eve/Day looks like being just like any other work day here (plans for a beach party have come adrift). Never mind – we’re looking forward to 2011 as the year we make good here, and we hope all of you have a great year too.

Feliz ano novo!

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One Response to ‘Ere – what are you lookin at?

  1. Christine says:

    Dear Maninmanaus,
    We (Rory and I) are coming to live in Manaus in May. Rory has a two year contract with Fio Cruz – he’s an entomologist. I’m a sculptor (wood carver). I’m enjoying your blog. Bit worried about the snake downstairs bit, but expecting an exciting challenge! We visited Manaus briefly 12 years or so ago for four days. If I’d thought I was coming back I would have paid more attention. No idea where we will be living and can’t get much information in English apart from your great website. We will be extremely green and although Rory has a colleague at Fio Cruz who is very welcoming, friendly and is going to be extremely helpful I’m sure, it would be good to get some expat info too. What I need to know at this stage is what if any, essentials should we bring? Is it easy to find accommodation? Obviously we intend learning Portuguese as soon as we get there (maybe a bit before would be a good idea). If you have time would very much appreciate a reply and advice because to tell the truth it seems a bit scary to me! Thank you for stetting up your website. Greatly appreciated. I hope your dog is better by now.
    Best wishes,


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