For those of you who don’t already know, I’ve decided to commit my experiences here to a book. In the absence of any sustainable sort of future, it seems the only thing to do – besides, I’ve been wittering on about writing a book for the last ten years and maybe I’ve just run out of excuses for not doing it.  Obviously this means my blogging output – already at dangerously low levels – will be adversely affected, but that’s the price – writing just ain’t easy. The first two chapters are done in draft and I have a secret weapon in the form of Geoff Hope-Terry to help me through the process – thanks Geoff! If – no, when – it’s published, I’ll make sure long-suffering blog-followers get a free copy (yes – whether you want one or not!)

All quiet here for the moment, but ten-day, 1,000km expedition planned for 16th July and in preparation for this now. If I haven’t updated the blog by the end of July, it’s because I’m dead.


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2 Responses to Book

  1. Maninmanaus says:

    Hi Pete and many thanks. When I’m solvent and famous (let’s not reach too far), come back and see us again. For that matter, come back and see us again anyway..! All the best until the end of July – for I will survive (” – I will survive – ta -dah..”)


  2. Pete Casey says:

    Hiya Clive
    Best of luck with the book .. Look forward to it and your account of Manaus/Brazil/& life in general.

    If you manage to survive your adventure I will also look forward to reading your next blog… Luck of the Irish to ya, and have fun mate.
    Pete. From the UK


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