Campaign to put Manaus on the (BBC) Map

Posted to the BBC World News website today:

“It is surely time to add the city of Manaus to the World Weather map: not only is it the capital of the largest Brazilian state; not only is it one of the 2014 World Cup host cities; not only is it a city of 2m; but most importantly it also marks the centre of the Amazon Basin and the Amazon Rainforest – an area of concern to everyone on the planet, and one which even directly affects the very global weather you are reporting on. Take a look at the current weather map – a few South American cities and a huge area of nothingness in the middle. Come on BBC, for goodness sake put the Amazon on the map!”

Why did I do this?  Really, I don´t know. I have better things to do with my time. It was just time for a minor rant.

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