Fancy a cruise up the Amazon, anyone?

We’ve been here almost five years now, and although we’ve had some truly marvellous guests to stay (all of them, in fact, except for The Vicar from Hell), none of our friends or family have yet been to visit. On the basis that one of the reasons is the cost (the other being time), I’m toying with the idea of just hiring a whole boat and inviting anyone interested to come over and join a week’s cruise up the Rio Negro to Velho Airao and the nature reserve there. Depending on how many people are interested, the per person cost could be very low, and we also have the contacts to arrange cheap accommodation in Manaus, too.  The boats generally come with cabins – occasionally with air-con – and can accommodate anything from 10 to 30 or 40 people. The booze and food is usually thrown in, and excursions by canoe/speedboat are normally also provided. Here’s a picture of a small one, just to whet your appetite.

With sufficient interest, we reckon we could organise: accommodation and entertainment in Manaus, transfers to/from the airport, local tours, the boat itself, and a grand finale party at our place.

When? Well, it depends, but it could be any time you like between, say, Feb and September 2013. The How much? For 10-20 people you could be looking at around US$50 p.p. per day for the cruise, which believe me is cheap as chips.

So there you are – if you think you might be interested in principle, email me or let me know via the blog comments.

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