Next Trip

This one’s for Hudson 😉

We were due to make our di-annual pilgrimage to Lago do Piranha over Carnaval, but I got a phone call from friend Charlie to say “I´m not going this year – the water´s too high.”

“Hmmph.  Well it´s not too high to get there, is it!?” I said, querulously, knowing full well why he doesn´t want to go.

“Nooo. But it’s too high to catch any fish.”

Well there we are then. Clearly a place isn´t worth visiting (nature reserve, solitude, beauty, nice journey etc) unless you can butcher a few fish while you’re there.

Where are we going instead? We´re going to shitty old Iranduba – a couple of hours down the river, on white water (mosquitoes, no swimming, lots of traffic, no forest, lots of mud).  Just so we have a (slight) chance of bagging a few in the net. Oh joy.

Of course I don´t have to go, and in fact I´m just going to nip over there for one night for a bit of craic and a beer. I’ll have to wait until cousin Anton comes over in April for a decent trip out on the river, and if I go back to Lago do Piranha in 2013 it will be on my own:  Charlie´s son is getting married in September and Charlie is opting – totally unreasonably, I feel – to go to the wedding instead of the lake. Priorities, eh..?

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7 Responses to Next Trip

  1. Hudson says:

    Great post! I have never been to Lago do Piranha Some day I will go out there to catch a few fish.


  2. Cornell says:

    I send you an e-mail next week.

    Abraços do caboclo holandês


  3. Maninmanaus says:

    Hi Cornell – tudo bom? Sorry, but that´s too cryptic for me, mate. LP is about 160km by boat – and your point is..?!


  4. Cornell says:

    Lago do Piranha is not that far….


    Cornell Evers


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