Did you know..?

Foto: Rômulo Araújo

Brazil has more lightning strikes than any other country. It also has the highest number of deaths from lightning strike, with 81 in 2011. Finally, the north of Brazil is the best place to come if you want to get that extra special flash of inspiration.

The most common cause here is considered to be working in fields with metal implements during a storm. Next up is standing near vehicles, or riding a bike or motorcycle during a storm; next, walking in the open on beaches, playing football and standing near trees; and finally, being next to electrical conductors like a normal telephone or a mobile on charge.

We can testify to the telephone issue, as – before we got rid of the line – we lost 4 telephones due to lightning strike (to say that the network is not terribly well protected here would be something of an understatement). Now we´ve gone fully mobile, and – so Mythbusters have proved – cellular communication waves don’t conduct lightning. So we know we can make someone happy and phone them during a thunderstorm.

Source: Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (Inpe)

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