“I don’t understand why things are not moving.”

I laughed at this comment, from FIFA General Sec. Jerome Valcke, until the tears rolled down my trouser legs. For FIFA – surely one of the world’s most completely useless, corrupt, inconsequential organisations – headed by Slap Batter or whatever his name is – to suggest that Brazil needs a kick up the arse, is just deliciously insane. For a simple ping-pong match between two parties to see who can screw the most money out of the great unwashed while the rest of the planet is going to hell in a handbag, it’s quickly elevating itself into a perfect demonstration of what a pile of tossers the whole human race has become.

Is Brazil ready for 2014? No. Is it likely to be? No. Oh gosh. Will the World Cup still take place? Yes. I mean, thousands will be inconvenienced by some shitty infrastructure and dumb bureaucracy, and maybe a plane or two will crash or whatever, but it’ll happen. It’ll be fine. The idiots that run the country and the idiots that run FIFA will be a bit richer, and the football fans will be a bit poorer, that’s all. Everyone will have had a nice time, and that’s the most important thing, isn’t it?

I could write reams about this thing, but for the moment I’m just enjoying warming my cockles at the spectacle of FIFA being totally out-classed in the corruption stakes.

I can see it all now on Judgement Day – “Yeah, I know they destroyed the planet, and there were the massacres and the holocaust and stuff. Well, we can give them a bye-ball on that, of course – but shit, what about that World Cup in 2014…?”

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2 Responses to “I don’t understand why things are not moving.”

  1. Garry Yule says:

    If it becomes really, really corrupt, even England might have a chance to win !!!!!!!!!!!


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