Lighter note…

Well, here I am writing a post on our new (free) Motorola Xoom. Amazing. Crap – but amazing nonetheless! I love it, although Naice has just reminded me that it’s jhers, really. Better leave it there for the moment… šŸ™‚


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2 Responses to Lighter note…

  1. John and Jean Harris says:

    Leave her with that and get yourself an iPad.


    • Maninmanaus says:

      Hi John and Jean. Great to hear from you and many thanks for your wishes. I greatly enjoyed discovering your own web pages and particularly your cars page. Didn’t realise you had had a Rapier, John – my first car was a 1964 Hillman Superminx Mark IV (Clarissa, by name). AHW 376B – gone, but not forgotten. I always thought the Rapier looked sexier, and those twin carbs, well, what can I say? The single Solex on mine was the bane of my motoring life… Anyway, all the best to you both from a hot and extremely wet Amazon. Keep in touch!


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