It’s a muuuth…

Occasionally some creature or other turns up here which takes you by surprise, even though for the most part we’re quite used to spiders the size of  your hand and snakes and scorpions etc. Today I was walking past one of our lamps and happened to glance up, to see what looked like a part of a plant (pic 1) growing out of from under the glass globe. It looked like it might easily dislodge the globe, and it was with some huffing that I went to fetch the ladders and secateurs. When I got back, I realised my mistake and just stood there for a while admiring a moth the size of a side plate. A truly beautiful thing (and hopefully unlikely to dislodge the globe) pic 2.

It’s hard to go one up on friend Wayne, who has a caiman at the bottom of his garden, but at least our moth has no teeth 🙂


Pesky plant...


Now, would anyone like to identify it..? (Click to enlarge).

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2 Responses to It’s a muuuth…

  1. Maninmanaus says:

    Indeed – what we need here is a decent electrical engineer – so get your arse over here..!


  2. Garry Yule says:

    I bet that made a large bunp in your wallet !!


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