Iranduba at 29.07m

Another quick visit to Iranduba, where beer, caipirinhas and dominos were the  order of the day. I even managed a little fishing and caught a modestly-sized catfish. I was going to let it go, but in the end deferred to the whims of the locals who consider anything larger than a muuth good for the pot.

Come All Ye Faithful (but bring your boat)

On the way back I was on my own and stopped along the Furo do Baixio to take a quick photo of the community there. This was at a level of 29.07m;  the river has already risen another 30cm.  The population who have built below the previously-registered high-water levels are clamouring for aid, although I have mixed feelings about their plight.  But it seems that the rivers are determined to exceed the 100-year high recorded in 2009, and in this case I will have a lot of sympathy with anyone caught out by the 30m of water which is realistically on the cards – at that sort of level, the low-lying areas of Manaus (including significant areas of the city centre) will be in deep shit (unfortunately, quite literally).

So what’s happening, then? Four records blown in 7 years (2 lows and two highs). “It’s a blip”, “it’s normal”, “it’s natural”.  Bullshit – we’re all going to die… (well, actually we are, but you know what I mean):  “Wurr dooomed, Captain Mainwaring – dooomed, aye…”

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2 Responses to Iranduba at 29.07m

  1. Maninmanaus says:

    Hi Pete. Good to hear from you. Yes, I rather thought their God would have intervened, but there you are. Nothing is banned here, as you know – and I mean nothing 🙂


  2. Pete. C says:

    Im sure the Sunday church service will go swimmingly for the locals:-)
    At least you won’t have a hose pipe ban like us here in the UK!


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