The Untenable Judging the Indefensible

Eike-Batista-porsche-cayenne-in-police-custody-600x400I see the judge in the Eike Batista trial (Brazilian millionaire now bankrupt and being investigated for insider trading) was found driving one of the defendant’s seized Porsches. Later, he was also found to have taken home a Range Rover and a Grand Piano which he had also ordered to be confiscated from Batista. The man, Flavio Roberto Souza, said he was keeping the seized assets “safe from the sun and other possible damage”, although quite how this applies to the Porsche he was driving is unclear.bad_thief

 What I would like to know is, firstly, on what planet Mr Souza might have even considered his actions were not hoplessly, completely and stupidly inappropriate. Then having satisfied myself as to his sanity, and I think we may assume he is not clinically insane, I would like to ask what sort of judicial system, legal education and professional training can produce this type of result. Finally, I will be interested to see how quickly this man returns to normal duties (because as sure as God made little apples, he’ll soon be back there judging other indefensibles as if nothing ever happened).

Ncea_700…And this is why I keep banging on about the fundamentals in Brazil. There really is little mileage in exchanging the lunatics in charge of the asylum for more lunatics, unless at some point there is a major reform of the fundamentals. And who is going to make that happen? The lunatics? People who have the same high-quality education and thorough professional training as Mr Souza? The same critical thought processes and strict moral values? I see…

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