Top 10 Things Brazil Must Do


Let’s be positive

Not wishing to criticise without offering solutions, I decided to list some of the things I think are a priority for Brazil to sort out. The list is not exhaustive.

  1. Reform the legal system.
  2. Remove trade barriers
  3. Encourage smart gringos to come and help
  4. Completely overhaul employment legislation and place a moratorium on all unions for two years
  5. Introduce trust-based systems
  6. Introduce genuine transparency in local, state and federal government
  7. Reform the political system
  8. Reform the tax system
  9. Invest more in education, health and security
  10. Redefine responsibility and accountability in government

There are, in detail, probably thousands of things the country needs to resolve, but this is my main ‘bucket list’, not necessarily in order of importance, and I’ll deal briefly with each of them in turn over the next few weeks

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