faceThis is a blog of our move from Bangor UK, to Manaus Brazil in 2007 with Ozzie and all our worldly posessions. How the adventure ultimately turns out, I can’t tell you, but it’ll all be in here.


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  1. rheagan says:

    Hi there!
    thank you for publishing these stories about manaus. i have recently been offered a job playing in the amazonas philharmonic and am trying to figure out if it would be a good idea for me to move there or not. i visited manaus for 3 months and stayed in a hotel with all of my transportation to and from the opera house taken care of, so i know that is not the most realistic scenario to ponder as i consider moving down there.

    would you be willing to correspond with me a little bit over email so i could ask your opinion on specific things that i am wondering about as i consider this move?



  2. Deep Brazil says:

    Just discovered your blog and hope to see new posts soon. I am particularly interested by the culture clash experience, being myself an immigrant. Say hi to the guys at Lapinha! I hope to visit soon.


    • tcm says:

      Hi Deep Brazil, and thanks for your comments. As you can see, I’m struggling to keep up the blog in a timely fashion (for all sorts of reasons). Culture clash stuff will be coming soon (it never stops in reality), and I hope my tardy response doesn’t put you off coming back! Love your new site – just what I’d like to do myself some time. Well done – 11 out of 10! (Anyone interested in a great blog on Brazil should rush over to Deep Brazil’s new site – http://www.deepbrazil.com).


  3. leen says:

    Hi Clive
    Great new blog, looking forward to the next story. Hope you are all well? Did you get my e-mail last month? Just of to Portugal for 2 weeks, be in touch afetr that.


  4. Hey
    thanks very much for maintaining such an interesting and informative blog.
    the information you have provided has been a great help in us sorting out our amazon adventure!


    • tcm says:

      Hi Greg

      …and thank you for the encouragement! Glad you liked it and it was of some use. Hope you have a great time – let me know how you get on.

      All the best


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